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2021 Good Clean Love Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year again when we are all faced with finding the perfect gift for someone we love. This year, I've gathered a handful of my very favorite and treasured recommendations that any loved one would appreciate. 

9 Gifts to Delight Your Loved Ones

For the Ultimate in Self-Care 

I believe our health is worth the time spent on regular self-care, whether that's an evening tea ritual, self-massage, a skin care routine, or talking with a therapist. Any of these gifts will help enhance your loved one's time spent centering and reconnecting with themselves. 

Traditional Medicinals Teas
Long-time friends of ours – and a favorite tea around Good Clean Love headquarters! – Traditional Medicinals is a fellow certified B-Corporation and a pioneer of the wellness tea category. Not only do they make delicious teas, but they are true herbal supplements, formulated with health and wellness in mind. Try their Cup of Calm, Nighty Night with Valerian, or Variety 6-Pack


Coyuchi Unisex Air Weight® Organic Robe
Who wouldn't love to receive a beautiful robe for the holidays? We appreciate Coyuchi's nature-inspired bedding and apparel that uses 100% organic fibers and a traceable supply chain. Loomed from pure, organic cotton, this soft, absorbent weave is designed to dry quickly on the hook or in the dryer. ($128.00 at Coyuchi)

Love Oil Trio Pack 10mL
Scent can actually change your brain chemistry as it travels swiftly through the nose to the limbic center of the brain. Our collection of Love Oils are natural aphrodisiacs, but are also incredibly adaptable for self care – they can be used for massage, as a perfume, in aromatherapy and more. The perfect gift for loved ones on your list, there's a scent for everyone to find something they love. ($44.99)

For Enriching the Mind

Do you know someone who would like to practice more mindfulness in the new year? Or who is constantly devouring books? These gifts are great for the mind-expanders, avid readers, and intellectually curious. 

Satori Concepts Cork Yoga Mats
I'm a big fan of Satori Concept's cork yoga mats, made from sustainably sourced cork and recycled rubber. I appreciate that they're completely non-toxic and TPE-free, and they’re also soft to touch and feel wonderful against your skin during your practice. ($59.00 at Satori, save 5% with SATORI5)

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo
I was delighted to talk with Lisa during the newest season of Dear Sex podcast. Her books are unique in the way they speak honestly about female rage and sexual dynamics in relationships. I would highly recommend her debut novel Three Women for the readers in your life. ($15.30 on Amazon)

Oura Ring Generation 3
I recently started wearing this ring to help me track my sleep and my recovery, so I know when I need to rest more and why I am not bouncing back. It is truly an investment, but provides a wealth of information about your health. For the person in your life that wants to know everything and support a healthier lifestyle, consider this wearable-tech ring. ($299 at Oura)

For Igniting Intimacy

These final gift ideas have the potential to give back to your physical, emotional and mental well-being throughout the year in hours of intimate connection. Adding useful and innovative tools and accessories to help you enjoy a reliable and vital sex life is actually like putting money in the bank.

She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman by Ian Kerner
A long-time friend of mine, Ian Kerner was the first guest I invited onto Dear Sex podcast (listen to our conversation). Ian's classic She Comes First is a best-seller for a reason: it covers how to better pleasure your partner, and the science and art behind good sex – from how to set the mood to how to make your spouse feel comfortable and relaxed.  ($14.49 at Amazon)

Ohnut Buffer Rings Set of 4 
Sometimes a new tool helps you to imagine an interaction that you might not have considered before. Soft, stretchy, and oh-so-comfy, Ohnut is a simple and convenient way to adjust when penetration feels too deep. Made of four interlocking rings, you can customize the depth—without sacrificing sensation. If you have a history of experiencing painful intercourse, this may become your most trusted companion in the new year. ($65.00 at Ohnut)

Spicy Citrus Massage Candle 12 oz.
Our new easy-to-pour massage candles blend skin-nourishing organic oils with exotic aphrodisiac essential oils. Spicy Citrus has been carefully crafted to stimulate the senses – first as a subtle mood-setting aroma then, when put to the touch, as a robust and unique blend of citrus, nutmeg, and frankincense. ($39.99 at Good Clean Love)

Bonus: Giving the Gift of Your Presence

In addition to giving a physical gift, you can always consider giving someone you love the gift of pure presence – this can be the most amazing and life-changing gift you can offer. Offering your true, authentic, and actively present self can bring love home for the holidays and well into the new year. 

What we remember and what makes up the stories we share years later is rarely found in a box, but rather comes through the moments when we share our full presence with the people we love. Read more.