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This Week’s Recommended Reads, Vol. 2

We get it. The work week is a busy time, full of meetings, reports to write, kids to pick up and dinners to make. Sometimes casual reading doesn’t exactly make it to the to-do list. So, in case you missed what’s going on around the world (online that is) check out our newest feature, Weekly Recommended Reads. Featuring the finest articles on love, sex, relationships and related topics, as well as what you missed on the blog, cozy up this weekend, because do we have some reads for you!

In the News:

From the couple trying to make empowering Muslim porn to the touching essay about the staying power of love to a new take on the intersection between feminism and submissiveness in the bedroom, here’s what we liked online this week.

1) Mic:This Muslim Themed Porn is Trying to ‘Empower’ Middle Eastern Women” by EJ Dickson. The husband and wife team behind this new porn video puts Muslim adult performers in classic Muslim porn vignettes and then ‘flips the script.’ Dickson asks, “Are they really flipping the script or is it just the same old?” (Posted Aug. 8th, 2015. Originally posted Aug. 3rd, 2015).

2)Elite Daily:Being Emotional Doesn’t Make You Weak, It Actually Makes You Strong” by Paul Hudson. Having and feeling emotions actually is a good thing. When you process stuff, you get through it. (Posted Aug. 9th, 2015. Originally posted Aug. 4th, 2015).

3)More:Love, With Staying Power” by Michelle Blake. Blake talks what it’s like to be with someone for three decades and how the love actually changes into something solid over time. Anyone who’s been in a marriage this long can attest to that. Anyone striving for it, it is possible. (Posted Aug. 10, 2015).

4)NPR:Could Sexting Help Your Relationship?” by Nadia Whitehead. Sexting’s been getting a bad rep. Turns out, a new study out of Drexel University says that in certain contexts it may actually be good for your relationship. Who’da thought? (Posted Aug. 11th, 2015. Originally posted Aug. 8th, 2015).

5)Mic: “Here’s How People With Disabilities Are Taking Back Their Sex Lives” by Jon Levine. A man in Texas opens up a toy shop called Dallas Novelty with toys specifically for people with physical disabilities to order things that will help them have a healthy sex life. (Posted Aug. 12th, 2015. Originally posted Aug. 11th, 2015).

6)Huffington Post: “48 Hours That Will Transform Your Relationship” by Grace De Rond. It’s a lot to ask of most couples, but really, how far would you go if you knew you could absolutely transform your relationship? (Posted Aug. 13th, 2015. Originally posted Aug. 10th, 2015).

7)Elle:What It’s Really Like to be a Submissive and a Feminist” told to Rachel Kramer Bussel. No, not all Submissives are like Anastasia Steele in the infamous 50 Shades of Grey. One woman explains the intricacies of her Dom/Sub relationship.


On The Blog:

Wendy continues discussing belonging and more on Making Love Sustainable this week.

  1. Three Ways to Belonging” by Wendy Strgar. We all want to belong. This week, Wendy shares three active ways on how to feel like you can authentically fit in somewhere. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, do so here!
  2. So, You Bought A Bottle of Love Oil” by Anastasia Strgar. Love Oil is a bit confusing. What exactly do you use it for? Anastasia answers all your questions.


That’s all for now! Tune in next week for some more great reads!