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Watching for Shooting Stars

In case you didn’t know that we were in the prime of shooting star season- take this as a friendly reminder to go and lay out under the stars with someone you love. Romantic, platonic, family or friends- laying still under a big sky of stars and waiting for a moment of magic is life changing, even if only for the minute you are fully present. This is the perfect venue for wishes as well. Although having a wish at the ready when your heart is full of wonder about the flashing stars sending messages from light years away is surprisingly more challenging than you might think.

My littlest daughter gave me the secret last night- you have to keep the wish close to your heart, in your mind all the time- so it is already there when the star comes to meet it. This advice I think could be applied to many situations and is at the heart of what you hope for in meditation. That stillness, unfocused focus so that the present moment is all there is.

Happiness has not been easy to find lately and so mostly that has been my wish- just to feel happy. I think I must have had it there long enough for a star to get it, because lying out on the roof with my children under the vast sky of stars gave me the gift of presence and I was happy. The stars will be shooting for a couple of nights yet so find a moment and make a wish and hold it long enough for a star to find you.

A star watching tip from your neighborhood loveologist.