Netflix’s "Easy": A Good Clean Love Take

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Your Brain on Love

A recent study (2000) using brain scan technology, performed at the University College in London, showed that people who were “madly in love” have brains that look very different from people experiencing other strong emotions such as anger and fear....
by Wendy Strgar

Amazing Stats on the O

This is dangerous ground to tread so I will go softly, but there is a crisis at hand so the topic deserves conversation and remedies. Several very significant studies have found consistently that 40% of women experience sexual dysfunction either...
by Wendy Strgar

We Are Herd Animals

Some days, try as you might, the weight of all the promises yet to keep is almost unbearable. I work at mindfulness, seeing the trees as I drive and noticing a bird overhead or the sound of my children’s voices....
by Wendy Strgar