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We at Good Clean Love believe that every moment is an opportunity to “Make it Good” in our intimate relationships and sexual lives.  We believe that the best sex happens when both partners are choosing to be in the moment and equally sharing the pleasure of intimacy.   Even though our sexual lives often reflect the most mysterious aspects of our humanity, we know that a life dedicated to healthy sexual exploration will evolve and improve every other aspect of how we live.  


Our “Make it Good” sexual health awareness campaign offers tools, tips, and resources for you to build your sexual confidence. We can help you expand your intimate language, making it easier to express your desires, fears and unique perspectives about the most important –and mysterious — aspects of who you are.  

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The Healthiest Lives Are Fueled By Love

The best part of life is defined and created by the love we make in our lives.

Healthy, intimate relationships provide the support and space for us to grow.  

Connecting the dots between sexual intimacy and relationships strengthens our ability to relate to others and makes sex more meaningful and more pleasurable.

Choosing when, where, and with whom we share our erotic self-builds confidence.

Consent matters and is everyone’s right.   There could be times when you don’t know what your sexual needs are, and even if you do, you might not have the language to express what you want or DON’T WANT.   Developing the confidence to express your desires while respecting your boundaries empowers and protects your erotic soul.   

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5 Tips for consensual conversations

Our best, most memorable and sexiest moments happen when both partners are sharing equally in the pleasure. Giving yourself permission to feel the amazing wonder of pleasure your body holds is the secret to a life long,
Sexual healing journey.

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5 tips for discovering moments of shared pleasure

The most sensitive tissue in your body deserves the best care.  Good Clean Love is revolutionizing the sex health and hygiene product industry with organic solutions for intimacy and feminine hygiene. Our products are designed to work with the body.
All of our water based formulas are 
iso-osmatic and mimic the body’s natural lubrication without the harsh chemicals associated with conventional personal lubricants.

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