About Us

The Journey of Good Clean Love, as told by Founder/CEO, Wendy Strgar

Necessity was the mother of invention when it came to beginning Good Clean Love. After 16 years of marriage and the birth of my fourth child, I was desperate for a product that would help me enjoy my sex life again. My desire was waning even as I knew that if I gave up on my marital sex life there would be little glue to keep the challenges of our growing family together.

I tried every big-name lubricant on the market, and they all left me in severe pain. I recall soaking in the bathtub for hours one night, trying to relieve the itching and burning reaction.

The first glimmers of Good Clean Love was born when I found my first bottle of love oil in a gift shop. I enjoyed my first pain-free sex in years. Not only that, the love oil ignited the crazy passion that I hadn’t experienced in years! Emptying that bottle, I found a new understanding of the connection between amazing sex and lubrication. I was on a mission–after months of research and study, I turned our guest bathroom into a “lubrication lab” of sorts, and my husband and I spent the summer testing dozens of formulas. We were back in business…our intimacy was better than ever!

At the same time, I was looking for a way to fund The Children’s Peace Academy, a charter school that I had been working to launch and that had been illegally turned down by the Board of Education. So with my ingenious bottles of love oil in hand, the idea of Good Clean Love was born.

The more bottles of hand made love oil I gave to women, the clearer it became that my problems with intimacy products were shared by so many women.

And, like most great entrepreneurial ideas, it was the passion (quite literally in this case) of the need and the satisfaction of providing a healthy solution was enough to keep the vision alive. It was Love Oil that started it all, and it’s still the bottle I reach for each and every time I agree to dive into the mysterious connection of sexuality.

However, as I began traveling with my Love Oil, I heard from dozens of women that what they really needed was a healthy, water-based personal lubricant choice that could be used with latex condoms. It took 18 months of research to create a formula that could provide better glide than the conventional lubricants without all the sticky cleanups and nasty petrochemical and paraben ingredients. Our lubricants were on a continuous improvement process and went through multiple formulations through the years, including varied ingredient combinations and flavors, until we eventually landed on the best selling Almost Naked organic formulation we sell today. During that time I was developing our formulations I was convinced that women, like myself, were allergic to many of the petrochemical ingredients found in most OTC lubricants.

However, in 2012, I learned that what I thought was an allergic reaction was actually a bio-physics nightmare. Even women who weren’t reacting to the petrochemical OTC lubes were suffering toxic reactions. Our Almost Naked lube was included in an NIH-funded research study thanks to our donation to our local HIV Alliance. While seeking to create a buffer gel for HIV, the study examined the ingredients used in the majority of personal lubricants and found that good clean love lubricant was among the safest lubricants on the market.

More importantly, I learned about the significant connection between heavily concentrated petrochemical lubricants and the heightened risk of Bacterial Vaginosis- a single use is associated with as much as a 13 times risk of contracting BV. The majority of women who have BV go undiagnosed, which in turn creates a much higher susceptibility of contracting more serious STDs and HIV. One of the leading researchers on the study, Biophysicist, Dr. Richard Cone of Johns Hopkins University became our scientific advisor. Over time, the insights gleaned from this research contributed to developing the Bio-Match Restore and Balance products. These products are designed to work with your body, not against it because they mimic the healthiest genital conditions by matching pH level, salt balance, and beneficial lactic acid levels. Working with leading research scientists in the field of women’s sexual health is a real privilege.

Although it wasn’t until the early 1990’s when the NIH finally began funding research on female sexual health, we believe it is high time that women have access to both the most scientifically advanced and most healing formulations for their sexual health. Good Clean Love is honored to serve in this capacity.