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This is dangerous ground to tread so I will go softly, but there is a crisis at hand so the topic deserves conversation and remedies. Several very significant studies have found consistently that 40% of women experience sexual dysfunction either at some point or continuously in their lives. A global survey in 2001, of 27,500 people in 40-80 countries, The Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors, conducted by the University of Chicago, found that in addition to those women experiencing sexual dysfunction, another third of all women interviewed lack any interest in sex, 21% have orgasms only occasionally, 20% have issues with lubrication and 14% reported pain with intercourse. There are all kinds of situational, medical, emotional and relational issues involved in these statistics and they are not static. However, I think it is fair to conclude that in any group of 10 women that you may be socializing with, there are at least 4-5 who are not feeling much pleasure, well sexual pleasure anyway.

I believe that these statistics have ramifications with women’s health on all kinds of levels.  While I don’t have statistics on this, my guess is that pelvic disease and lack of sexual stimulation have some correlation- an area that deserves research.  Because here is the thing, orgasm and sexual stimulation are good for you for all kinds of basic reasons like blood flow and organs contracting and moving instead of being shut down and flaccid. Also, there is definitely an energetic release that happens with orgasm that doesn’t happen without it.  For some women, this may be more substantial than others, but I would go out on a limb and say that it is a deep and meaningful energetic shift for everyone. Relationally- there is little else that compares with the depth and intensity of sharing an orgasm with your mate.  The list goes on. There are dozens of studies that support the immune benefits, mental health advantages and even longevity of sexually active people.

So, ok, why are more women not flocking to this side? It's an open question and I invite you to share your reasons… The bigger and more pressing question is whether there is anything that can be said or done to invite more women to the party. Somewhere deep in our collective psyche, we took a wrong turn, I think, and we have yet to find our way back to the transformative pleasures of living in a body. Please share your thoughts, I have my own hypothesis that I am still looking for language to share.