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Sexy Kissing Through Scent

Our sense of smell is ancient and the source of our most powerful emotional memories. It is also the primal sensory pathway to sexual attraction.

And yet, we often give little attention to all that our sense of smell can evoke, in part because we have so little vocabulary for scent. Often we're limited to “it smells like…” and delineated only between pleasant and unpleasant. But, the truth is that the world of scent cognition that so often goes unrecognized actually colors all of our interactions – especially our most intimate moments. And there is no better place to expand your scent vocabulary than in the context of a kiss.

Discovering the powerful combination of kissing with scent was, in fact, how Good Clean Love was born. It began when I found a random bottle of love oil in a small gift shop one sunny summer afternoon. At the time, I couldn’t have told you a thing about the profound science of olfaction and how the essential oils in this bottle shook my sleepy libido awake for the first time in years. One thing was unmistakable – our previously perfunctory kissing quickly evolved into a intimate conversation that inspired and shifted our habitual sex life into a entirely new and passionate affair. 

Although I couldn’t have anticipated how the power of scented love oil kissing would transform my marriage, it isn’t that surprising when you consider that kissing is the most ancient and sacred forms of communication that humans have shared since the dawn of time.

It is a form of communication that we are built for. Our lips have both the slimmest layer of skin on the body and are among the most densely populated with sensory neurons of any bodily region, even more so than our fingertips or genitalia. No wonder that combining these two primal forces is a game changer.

Layering the power of the kiss which by itself releases a cascade of neural connections and initiating intense euphoric sensations with the power of scent which opens up the internal pathway to sexual potential.

Kissing consumes the present moment and saturates our senses with the fullness of each other. Adding scent deepens that presence with both depth and texture that makes a kiss unforgettable. Approaching a kiss with this in mind, consider how you can employ scent with not only the lips, but with breath and tongue. Breathing in your lover is something that happens naturally while we kiss, especially with an open mouth, but adding the subtle layers of Love Oil into the air that you share in loving moments adds a spark and intrigue.

Experiment with different kinds of breath-breathing in through your nose while kissing. This creates space that invites your partner forward and slows down the seconds of connection. Although a racing heart and gasping for air is not uncommon when kissing gets intense, it should be treated like the crescendo of a beautiful piece of music.

Learning the subtle arts of kissing as a form of the most passionate communication is all about intention. Even the most technically skilled kissers fall short when the kiss is insincere. The real secret is this: approaching the kiss with an open mouth.

Experiment with softening your lips even for a short kiss and see how that changes the dialogue. Hard kisses with tight lips can be overwhelming even in the midst of serious passion. Soft open mouth kisses invite your partner into a dialogue, which is the goal. Feel for response. Open-mouthed kissing can teach you a lot about opening to relationships: about how to avoid forcing things, as well as giving both partners the opportunity to be active participants choosing their unspoken words. Discovering to this remarkable art of kissing takes time. The patient kisser takes the time to experiment and demonstrate their sensitivity and understanding. 

Developing the artistic capacity to communicate without words will not only enhance the physical intimacy that you share but you will be surprised at how much safer and more open your verbal conversations will become.

Bringing the power of scent to this dialogue will level up the sensuality, engage your arousal mechanism and make your kisses unforgettable.