Making Love Sustainable

Writings on love, intimacy and relationships from our Founder and CEO, Wendy Strgar

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The Devil’s in the Details

It always seems to catch me off guard, the re-entry into family life. I am just back from a five days trip to the Bioneers conference. I worked hard there, talking to many people about my beliefs about love and...
by Wendy Strgar

All Kinds of Sex

People have different expectations and experiences and desires about sex. OK, stating the obvious here, but actually what I mean to say is that people in the same bed, in the same sexual experience often have totally different expectations, experiences...
by Wendy Strgar

Time For Love

Making time for love is an important barometer of the commitment and sustainability of your relationship. When you consider the outrageous scheduling hoops we agree to without qualm in our work setting, or even more intensely in managing our...
by Wendy Strgar